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In-School COVID-19 Testing

Testing for Students & Staff

Timely COVID-19 test results, for a symptomatic person, leads to quicker contact-tracing and quarantining of infected individuals, and helps control the spread of COVID-19.  For this reason, Guajome Schools is proud to partner with the CDPH (California Department of Public Health) and Primary Health Solutions to offer free in-school COVID-19 testing for symptomatic students and staff by using the Abbott BinaxNOW COVID-19 Antigen Testing program, now available to qualified schools.  

Guajome decided to participate in this testing program to offer a free and convenient way for staff and students, who become symptomatic at school, to be tested on their way home to quarantine and rest. It will save families and staff the trouble of finding a local testing site, waiting in lines and making appointments. It will also speed up our internal contact tracing should a student or staff member receive a positive test result. 

How is the Covid-19 Test Administered?

BinaxNOW Antigen is a self-test designed to detect the COVID-19 protein within an individual’s nasal cavity.  This is achieved through a simple nasal-swab, performed by the individual being tested (staff or student.)  The process is much easier than some of the other testing processes you may have seen.  The participant simply takes the cotton-tipped swab and gently swirls this into the front of both of their nostrils.  There is no need to go deep into the nasal passage like some of the other testing. For students that need assistance, there will be staff guidance and support to complete the process. The participant then provides the swab to our trained health office staff who will prepare and perform the actual antigen rapid-test.  Results can be read 15 minutes later and the participant will be provided their results.  Parents/Guardians will receive their student’s results electronically, via email and/or text via Primary Health’s secure site. 

Who Can Participate in Testing?

Students and staff are NOT required to test. This is an opportunity for on-campus students and staff who develop symptoms at school and would like to use the program as a matter of convenience to test quickly and free of cost. Students who play team sports and need regular testing can also benefit from being tested at school. There is no cost to staff, students, parents or insurance.

Unfortunately, at this time, students from other schools, parents/guardians or siblings who are not enrolled at Guajome are not permitted to be tested.

Advance Registration is Required

Parents must register students in advance. If your student should become symptomatic at school, and we do not have a signed parent consent form on file, we will be unable to allow your student to participate in testing. They will instead be sent home and you will need to provide a negative COVID-19 test result or keep them home for 10 days prior to their return. 

NOTE: Students and staff who are symptomatic at home should NOT come to the school to test. If symptomatic persons come to the school campus, they will not be permitted to test. It is vital to the health and safety of all that the school setting be shielded from the virus. 


For more information on the Abbott BinaxNOW COVID-19 Antigen Testing program, in partnership with the CDPH, please visit Primary Health’s website at or feel free to contact our Health Office at (760) 631-8500 Ext 2107.