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Dress Code

The student dress code outlined below is in the GPA Student Handbook.

Student behavior is greatly improved when students are dressed in their most confident, comfortable clothing. We have established a dress code that gives families flexibility in the way their student dresses, without having fear that their student’s learning could be disrupted for dress code violations. Good judgment and freedom of expression should be used when dressing for school and school-related events. We strive to have the best, safest learning environment for student learning and achievement. We also strive to ensure that our language encourages students to dress in their more comfortable wear, while staying within appropriate attire.  Lastly, the language used for the dress code was developed using gender-neutral language to ensure that protocols are implemented in an equitable manner. This dress code has been carefully reviewed and modified with the goal of ensuring that all students feel safe attending school.  

The dress code for Guajome Schools: 

The following clothing items are NOT allowed:

  • Students must wear clothing including a top and pants (equivalent also being dresses, skirts, shorts etc.) and shoes.
  • All shirts must contain fabric in the front and on the sides under the arms.
  • Bathing suits are not considered school-appropriate clothing and are prohibited.
  • Clothing must cover undergarments (with the exception of waistbands and straps), fabric covering breasts, and genitals must be opaque.
  • Buttocks must be fully covered with opaque material.
  • Hat wear/hoodies are allowed but must allow the student's face to be visible, and not interfere with the line of sight of other students.
  • Specialized electives may require special attire such as athletic or safety gear, clothing should be suitable for said classes and classroom activities.
  • Any clothing that promotes or mentions illegal/vulgar behavior such as drugs, alcohol, sexual references, etc. is not allowed.
  • Any clothing that is racist, sexist, homophobic, or discriminatory in any way is not allowed.

Repeated violation of the dress code(s) shall be considered a disruption of school activities and/or willful defiance of valid school personnel authority.  Appropriate consequences shall be specified and implemented according to the discipline policies and may lead to suspension, expulsion, or dismissal from GPA.